Widnes coach Denis Betts on the FKPro in pre-activation

Pre activation now plays a large part in my teams, and my personal warm ups for games and training.

Warm ups are a part of everyones preparation rituals, and are fine for increasing blood flow and raising core body temperature. 

Using the Fkpro to pre activate before training or playing has the ability to increase performance. A group of simple FKPro exercises 

can put your body in a stronger postural position, you can work deep intrinsic stabilising muscles that are hard to fire without the FKPro. 

The 5 pillars are the key to making the whole body fire and be prepared for action, every exercise has to start with them.


6 simple exercises I use to pre activate

1. Angled Row

2. Low External Rotation

3. Chest Press

4. Chest Fly

5. Single Leg Squat 

6. Side Lunge 


Tip - Use the FKPro to activate your whole body in preparation for all types of exercise, running, swimming, biking, weights.


Tip - The 5 pillars are the keys to total body activation


The FKPro will make you a better prepared competitor or trainer 


Fkpro: The physio’s view

FK Pro is built for athletes, a portable system that can be thrown in a kit bag, rigged up anywhere so that athletes can perform their rehab, prehab and conditioning in any environment.  For our athletes who are travelling the world on a regular basis this is the first piece of kit that goes into their bags. 

The benefits are numerous but the single most important factor, above and beyond the portability, is the ability to tie together the different stability systems in the body and instead of having different prehabilitation and rehabilitation programmes our athletes can now perform a set of exercises that produce the results they need in a shorter period of time.  One of our athletes that we work with is an elite Great Britain runner.  At one point she had different programmes for different body parts, a foot intrinsic programme, a gluteal programme, a lumbar-pelvis stability programme, an upper back strengthening programme.  FK Pro is unique in that the exercises are tailored to allow the different stability systems throughout the body to work in conjunction with one another throughout all exercises. For example, an angled row works the foot intrinsic, with the big toe being pushed into the floor, activates the gluteal muscles, as you sit back on the exercise, transversus abdominis is drawn in maintaining good lumbar spine position, upper back postural muscles are activated holding the correct posture and the deep neck cervical flexor muscles provide correct alignment through the cervical spine.  By maintaining this correct posture and then performing the exercise, all stability systems are working but are also working in synchrony with one another Instead of separate systems trying to be rehabilitated or trained, all of the systems are worked in conjunction with one another, each providing the other systems with more support and greater support and efficiency.  With the ability to be able to combine stability systems with each exercise FK Pro becomes not only a time saver but far more relevant and beneficial to the athlete.

Our athletes now find that their pre activation programmes are very quick and far more efficient and that they are lifting more during their weight sessions and have greater activation prior to training sessions.  Their general rehab and prehab programmes have become much shorter and are delivering far greater results as our athletes start to combine their stability systems.  Being an elite athlete is all about time management and getting the most out of your training, FK Pro allows this to happen by delivering the correct strength and stability to the right muscles every time, this means that athletes have more time to spend on other aspects of their training and that their training is more effective as a result of the work they have done with FK Pro.  The activation of the stability systems, the correction of posture means that athletes are far less injury prone, more robust and their performance is enhanced. 

Fk Pro should be the first thing in every athletes kit bag.

One of our favourite workouts

My favourite workout, and one that i try to do most days in preparation for the rigours of a day spent on my feet coaching, is a postural circuit.

This is a sequence of eight exercises, 10reps for each exercise for 2/3 circuits.

make sure that the 5 pillars are in place for each exercise.

Angled Row x 10

Lat Pull up x 10

High External Rotation x 10

Biceps x 10 

Chest Press x 10

Chest fly x 10

Shoulder Roll Out X 10

Triceps x 10


This circuit should take you no longer than 20mins to complete 3 sets with 2 mins recovery between sets.

My posture is in place for the day following the circuit and i look ad feel stronger.

My players also do this circuit in preparation for both  gym and field sessions. 


More inspiring FKPro-ers recognised with torch bearing honour

Martin Hewitt team leader for the Walking With the Wounded became the second FKPro user to carry the Olympic flame this weekend in Manchester.

Martin Hewitt

World Champion FKPro-er
Some months back FKPRO reported on the European Kickboxing championship winner
Ryan Edmundson. Last night , Saturday 11 June, Ryan went one better by becoming a World Champion in the sport of kickboxing.
He defeated a game opponent by stopping him in the Fourth round with a mixture of accuracy and explosive punching power. Ryan has become a huge fan of the FKPRO as it has helped him build a solid foundation of strength and lean muscle.
All spectators and coaches alike commented on the excellent physical condition Ryan was in for the World Title fight.
For all athletes, martial artists and sports enthusiasts who want to achieve peak fitness and a defined muscular appearance rather than the ” bulky ” look of a gym monkey then FKPRO will provide THE fitness solution !
If it is good enough for a current World Champion like Ryan it will work for you !
Sophie Collett-Ultra Adventurer and FKPro-er

Sophie finished 46th overall out of about 150 in the Racing the planet: Jordan ultra marathon

Sophie has run the Marathon de Sables, the Jungle Ultra Marathon, the Yukon Arctic Ultra Marathon, the Jurassic Coastal Challenge, the Chile Acatama Crossing, the Sahara Ultra Marathon, and the Roving Race Jordan amongst others. An incredible athlete I’m sure you’ll all agree!

We’d like to congratulate Sophie on another fantastic achievement!

Sophie Collett and the Olympic Torch

We always say FKPro has top level backing from some of Britain’s elite sports people. Just in case you didn’t believe us here’s Liam Broady (junior wimbledon finalist and doubles champion) as well as Scott Quigg, (British Super-bantamweight champion) getting to grips with the kit whilst training with Team Hatton elite coach  Ric moylan (@fightin4fitness).

If it’s good enough for them then what are YOU doing without one…eh?


Suspension Plus paleo for great body composition

Along side the wave of suspension training lies a similar peak or interested in Neolithic eating  -Paleo or primal food. Essentially this is really just common sense, and a great way to get great body compositions.

The general rules are if it doesn’t walk on the land, swim in the sea or fly in the air –don’t eat it! Similarly if it doesn’t grow naturally from the land without the aid of agriculture…the same rules apply.

This means swapping your Sugar puffs of a morning for sashimi style salmon and nuts! Or lean steak and raw carrots.

The health benefits of this style of eat are second to non. Removing refined sugar and un-needed carbohydrate will allow the body to tap into these fat stores for energy whilst the higher protein (coming from the meat, fish and poultry game etc) will assist in saving the lean muscle mass on  the body.

When we match this style of eating with suspension training, we essentially catapult ourselves back to cavemen / women. Functional pushing and pulling I.E. Pushing rocks an dragging carcasses and feeding bodies from the land. Do we ever see a caveman depicted as fat? No! They’re always lean and muscular…

2 great books to help you on the road to “Cavemannery”/ “Cavewomannery” are The Paleo Diet and The Primal Blue Print – you should also check http://www.marksdailyapple.com the best blog for the primal lifestyle!

Hi, considering getting the FKPro. What's the difference with the popular TRX product though? Thanks!


We’re pleased your considering joining the revolution!

More versatile, in that more exercises can be performed ie pull ups, inverted rows and dips. 
All these functional exercises are either very difficult or very uncomfortable to do on TRX because the straps literally resrtict movement and cut into user! On an FKPro you can set the straps as far apart as you like! so no issue.
More adaptable - the FKPro allows interchangeability of attachments ie neck harness, foot straps, AB cradles. The TRX is a sealed unit and is fixed so that no attachments can be added. This is a serious limitation to diversity and progression for user.
The 2 strap system means that as the anchor straps can be adjusted for wide shouldered body types there are no restrictions compared to a fixed single anchor as with TRX .
The 2 strap system allows asymmetrical settings where a press to fly or pull to raise movement can be performed simultaneously. Again TRX does not allow this to occurr.
Robust quality …. The frictional action that a singe point anchor system - TRX - uses will always involve wear and tear on anchor strap . Therefore the 2 strap system - a non frictional system - will last longer , is safer and is more robust / durable as a result
We hope to hear from you soon!
Olympic hopeful makes FKPRO proud

Will Bayley is one Sport’s most determined and focussed individuals, he has overcome serious illness and the effects of a rare genetic disorder (that affects all four of his limbs) to become the highest ranked paralympian Table Tennis player in the World!

Fkpro’s Mark Hammond had the good fortune to coach Will for 2 years when he was based at the Bristol Academy of Sport. In that time several students went on  from the BAOS to achieve great things in the world of Elite sport - Toby Faletau (Wales current rugby union international) Ryan Scott
(gold medalist sprint relay commonwealth games)  Eliot Richards (current Bristol Rovers striker)
Yet, perhaps Will’s achievements to date are the most remarkable of all, especially when the obstacles he has overcome are taken into consideration.

Will was one of the first athletes to use FKPRO. It allowed him to get into positions that without the assistance of the Kit would have been nigh on impossible to attain . The improved range of movement , functional strength and enhanced balance that Will achieved through using the apparatus is remarkable. It has helped him develop a strong and stable fitness base on which his unique talents have been founded upon.

Will is one of the most genuine and likeable individuals you could wish to meet. His work ethic is huge and is only matched by a very few.

FKPRO are proud to have Will as such a positive and enthusiastic advocate of the qualities it offers to all -he is an inspiration ……..

We wish him every success for the forthcoming Olympics and the rest of his career 

Read all about Will’s story so far at  www.willbayleytt.com